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To 0.20.x

cluster-template v0.20.x brings compatibility with Kubernetes 1.22

Upgrade cert-manager APIs

Any manifests defining ClusterIssuer objects must be upgraded to the stable API:

diff --git a/cert-manager.issuers.yaml b/cert-manager.issuers.yaml
index ebd08997..8dba5834 100644
--- a/cert-manager.issuers.yaml
+++ b/cert-manager.issuers.yaml
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
 kind: ClusterIssuer

Upgrade cert-manager CRDs

If migrating from a pre-1.0 version of cert-manager to a post-1.0 version, you may need to manually delete all CRDs

Upgrade sealed-secrets ingress config

The newer version of sealed-secrets has a new syntax for configuring its ingress:

diff --git a/sealed-secrets/release-values.yaml b/sealed-secrets/release-values.yaml
index eb3216c2..3fcef1d3 100644
--- a/sealed-secrets/release-values.yaml
+++ b/sealed-secrets/release-values.yaml
@@ -6,9 +6,5 @@ ingress:
   annotations: nginx letsencrypt-prod
-  hosts:
-    -
-  tls:
-    - secretName: sealed-secrets-tls
-      hosts:
-        -
+  hostname:
+  tls: true

Upgrade RBAC APIs for any service account manifests

diff --git a/admins/project-admin.yaml b/admins/project-admin.yaml
index dc5c52d0..b3fedfcc 100644
--- a/admins/project-admin.yaml
+++ b/admins/project-admin.yaml
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ metadata:

 kind: Role
   name: deployment-admin

Check for deprecated APIs

After deploying v0.20.x, check for any locally-defined manifests using deprecated APIs before upgrading the host cluster to Kubernetes v1.22+.

Check for deployed objects with deprecated APIs:

kubent --target-version 1.22.0

Check for helm chart snapshots:

pluto detect-helm


Before deploying an upgrade to v0.20.x, delete existing ingress-nginx jobs to prevent errors about immutable fields being changed:

kubectl -n ingress-nginx delete jobs ingress-nginx-admission-create ingress-nginx-admission-patch

For the same reason, also delete the prometheus-kube-state-metrics deployment:

kubectl -n prometheus delete deployment prometheus-kube-state-metrics