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The civic-tech-taxonomy‘s api-server tool is deployed on this cluster at


  1. Merge or push new commits into the master branch in the civic-tech-taxonomy repository
  2. After pushing to the master branch, you should see the publish-api-server GitHub Action running or already complete under the Actions tab
  3. Once the action finishes, you should be able to confirm that a new tag has been push for the api-server container image matching the SHA of your latest commit to the master branch that it was built from
  4. In the nac-sandbox-cluster repository, edit the file civic-tech-taxonomy/api-server.yaml which declares the deployment for the api-server instance hosted on the cluster

    1. Find the line specifying the container image path+tag:

    2. Change the tag portion of the line to match the hash for the one that was just built

    3. Commit your change directly to the main branch on the cluster repository if you have access, otherwise open a pull request and ask a cluster administrator to merge it for you. No change will actually get applied to the cluster at this point
  5. After the image value has been updated in the main branch in the nac-sandbox-cluster repository, that repository’s prepare-k8s-manifests action will prepare an automated PR for deploying the change to the cluster. Review that PR and ask a cluster administrator to merge it for you.

  6. Once the deploy PR is merged, the new version should be online within a few minutes. The deploy process can be monitored via the deploy-k8s-manifests workflow under the Actions tab. After that workflow completes, the new version has been applied to the cluster but the cluster then has to download the new container image and restart the deployment.