Local governments are changing. Forward-thinking public servants across the country are leveraging technology to innovate the way our cities work — and it’s accelerated by the exchange of ideas, solutions, best practices, and even software code between likeminded leaders.

That’s why Code for America built the CfA Peer Network: a professional learning network for local government innovators who share the common goal of taking innovation in their city to the next level.

Join the Peer Network to level up your impact through collaboration with other civic change agents, actionable content tailored to your needs, and visibility on a national stage.

The Program

Through events, expert resources designed around member priorities, and networking opportunities with leaders inside and outside government, the Code for America Peer Network empowers you to be more effective in your city and in your career — and to drive forward our collective vision for a new kind of public service.

Membership applications for the beta program are open now; If you're interested, sign up for more info. →

Benefits of Participation

Networking and collaboration:

Invite-only events, collaborative projects, and facilitated discussion lets you connect with likeminded leaders to exchange knowledge, solutions, and practical approaches.

Content and expert resources:

Actionable content tailored to support member needs, including deployment guides for CfA-vetted apps, timely case studies, and online training with renowned experts.

National visibility:

Opportunities to showcase what’s already been done in your city and lead the way in establishing best practices that can become the new standards for civic innovation.

Content Offerings

Along with extensive networking and collaboration with likeminded civic leaders and outside experts, you’ll also get access to custom, goal-oriented content designed to support member interests, needs, and priorities — with a focus on emerging trends and what's working where.

Formats range from in-depth policy briefings to casual live Q&A with resident experts, informal online discussions amongst peers to training sessions with industry leaders.

What You'll Learn

Content is built to address member interests and priorities. Sample topics for 2013 include:

  • Launch an Open Data Catalog: Select the right platform for your city, prioritize datasets to release first, and encourage meaningful use by the public.
  • Rethink the Citizen Experience: Adopt UX design principles to improve the citizen experience through user-centric design.
  • Leverage Community as Capacity: Energize local economy and civic engagement by collaborating with community groups on apps contests and other events.
  • Professional Negotiation: Build your negotiation skills to be a more effective leader and achieve better outcomes in your career.


Meet our advisors — resident experts with experience from the public and private sector who are helping build the Peer Network.


We are now accepting membership applications from innovators working within local governments of all sizes for an extended beta period. The beta program is kicking off in April of 2013; room is limited but let us know you're interested and we'll be in touch with more details.


Got questions? Good. Here are some answers, and we'll keep adding to the list over time. Still not sure about something? No problem. Drop us a line (email or @codeforamerica), and we'll get you squared away.

What is the CfA Peer Network?

It’s a membership-based, peer learning community that will mobilize innovation in cities by supporting and connecting forward-thinking local government leaders across the country. The Peer Network provides structure for collaboration and knowledge exchange between cities — supplemented by tools, information resources, professional development and training, and access to outside experts.

What is Code for America?

Founded in 2009, Code for America (CfA) is a nonprofit collaborating with local governments to foster and facilitate innovation in cities. CfA is known for its fellowship program, which has brought tech professionals to partner with over 20 city governments to solve problems using new approaches. Through its new Accelerator and Brigade programs, CfA is connecting cities with startups and volunteers, as well as each other. For more information, watch founder Jennifer Pahlka’s TED talk.

Who can join the Peer Network?

Membership is open to government innovators from cities and counties of all sizes. The only requirements? You work within local government, and you have a passion for civic innovation.

When can I join the Peer Network?

We are currently in beta, and we’re now accepting applications for membership on a limited basis. Interested in finding our more? Let us know, and we’ll be in touch with more details.

How much does it cost to join the Peer Network?

Beta members can participate free of charge during the beta period. In the future, annual membership dues will be determined on a sliding scale based on population.

I don't work in government, but I want to get involved. What can I do?

Check out the Code for America Brigade, our network of volunteer civic hackers across the country. There might be a Brigade in your community already, or you can start one yourself.

Additionally, we'll be looking for folks from outside government with expertise in specific topic areas to serve as guest contributors and project advisors for the Peer Network — if you're interested in participating in this capacity, email us.


If your company is interested in sponsoring the Peer Network, contact Ashley Meyers at ashley [at] codeforamerica [dot] org.