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What is RSS?

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a way to have information automatically pushed to you from the web. Instead of needing to visit a website to get updates, RSS makes it possible for updates to come to you. RSS saves time by automatically notifying you when there are updates to some piece of content on the web such as the Department of Procurement website. You receive notifications by subscribing to the updates of various sites using an RSS feed reader.

Why is this useful?

Subscribing to a Department of Procurement RSS feed saves you time because you will no longer need to repeatedly check the Department of Procurement website for RFP updates. Additionally, you are also free to subscribe to the updates of only the departments that interest you.

Where can I get an RSS feed reader?

To read the updates in an RSS feed, you need a reader, also known as an aggregator. RSS feed readers can be web-based, part of your email software, or installed on your computer or smartphone. Web-based readers enable you to get your updates on any computer.

Sometimes your feed may appear empty. This happens when there are no recent Department of Procurement updates.

How to get started with Department of Procurement RSS feeds:

Select which feeds you would like to subscribe to for updates. With the Department of Procurement, we’ve provided five different feeds to provide updates:

  • General Fund RFPs
  • Department of Procurement RFPs
  • Aviation RFPs
  • Department of Public Works RFPs
  • Department of Watershed Management RFPs

To make subscribing to feed updates extremely simple, we recommend using the free web-based RSS feed reader Bloglines. Use the instructions below to begin maintaining your updates.

  1. Create a Bloglines account here.
  2. Click on the link in the confirmation email Bloglines will send to the email address you used to create your Bloglines account.
  3. Then, click any of the links below to add them to your Bloglines feed reader:

If you are using your own RSS feed reader already, use the following direct links to add the updates to your reader:


The City of Atlanta (the “City”) does not warrant, represent or guarantee the accuracy or completeness of information provided in this RSS feed. The City does not warrant that the information provided herein is accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free, and is not responsible for any errors or technical failures. Information provided here is simply for your convenience.

To ensure complete and accurate information, all interested bidders are responsible for visiting the City’s Plan Room (“Plan Room”) located at the Department of Procurement, Atlanta City Hall, 55 Trinity Avenue, S. W., Suite 1790, Atlanta, Georgia 30303.

There may be recent addenda or changes in the Request for Proposals (“RFP”) or bid documents including, among other things, the bidding instructions, general conditions, technical specifications, and exhibits that may not be currently reflected in the RSS feed. The City shall not be responsible or liable in any way for errors, inaccuracies or omissions in any documents or information retrieved or downloaded from this site.

For a complete set of specifications and the applicable RFP or bid documents, all interested bidders are directed to the City’s Plan Room (“Plan Room”) located at the Department of Procurement, Atlanta City Hall, 55 Trinity Avenue, S. W., Suite 1790, Atlanta, Georgia 30303.

In the event of a conflict or discrepancy between the information or documents posted at this website and the RFP or bid documents published and contained in the Plan Room, the RFP or bid documents in the City’s Plan Room shall control.