Are you exposing the city to a liability if you open up data? City Official
The nail that sticks out gets pounded down. City Official
Historically, Albuquerque is a place of 'behind the fence' innovation. City Official
ShareNM is a curator of information, a Wikipedia, an information commons. Community Leader
Indigenous communities want indigenous solutions. Community Leader
If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go with others. City Official
70% of Albuquerque's population is working poor. City Official
Your problem may have a legal component. Community Leader
People are fearful to learn about their rights because they see it as an immigration trap. Community Leader
25% of clients have mental illnesses. Community Leader
Little Brother mentality City Official
We're not good at telling our own story. City Official
Most students are in need of access to non-academic resources. City Official
You don't know what you don't know. City Official
How can I learn to sell the rose I bought for a dollar and sell it for $2? City Official
Where do things need to be pushed apart or brought together? City Official
State workers don't know the reality of what's happening on the ground. Community Leader
Our workers don't want to bite the hand that feeds them. Community Leader
For many residents capital is there, but access to it is not. City Official
There are no mentorship structures that allow residents to meaningfully engage with systems. City Official
Even though they serve the same client, people view themselves based on where their money comes from. City Official
These people aren't homeless, honey— they're working poor. Non-profit organization leader
Financial literacy is not a requirement for NM highschools. Non-profit organization leader
Little people are not bottom lines. Non-profit organization leader
Budgeting is different for everybody. It is an empowering thing, not a punitive thing. Non-profit organization leader
Mentorship is everything. Training doesn't work. Non-profit organization leader
There's no equal treatment for unequals. City Official
An artist and an immigrant are both entrepreneurs. City Official
Entrepreneurship is cultural not monetary. City Official
In the absense of a good mentric, you get a bad metric. City Official
Labs are a fear-based community. City Official
Tent City is emblematic of the fact that there are no other options for residents. City Official
You ask questions, you get answers, but do you take action? City Official
If you need the resources, you can access them. Community Leader
Departments don't share data because they don't want to make their officials look bad. People will share data if they see an ROI. Acamedic Leader
It's the colonialism of it all. Acamedic Leader
It is all about local capacity building, learning what the capacity is, and how to mobilize that capacity. Acamedic Leader
The resident is deperate. They're going through the phonebooks hoping to talk to anyone who will speak with them. Community Leader
Do I want to give the resident a list of all twelve services or just the best one? Community Leader
Asian communities don't trust non-profits. They ask, why are you free? Community Leader
We have to fight hard to get services. Community Leader
There isn't a lot of social mobility for our families because resources aren't there. Community Leader
Asians could be the model minority. Community Leader
You have to carry your documents. Community Leader
All you gotta do is claim it. Claim it and it's yours. And a lot of people don’t. They’re just like, "Oh, I don’t think I can do that job" so they bypass it. Local Resident
But we need organizations like WIA and for people to know about organizations like WIA because if I hadn’t went down there, I would have never known about it. Local Resident
You just have to be persistent and look presentable. Show them that you do want it. Local Resident
People don’t know what you need to do to get a job. Local Resident
Family ties are strong. Once it's in you, you cannot let it go. Community Leader
Albuquerque's past of abandonment shapes how it does business today. Community Leader
Parents don't know so the kids don't know. Community Leader
When vulnerable communities look at data it makes them feel like no one cares. Community Leader
Data doesn't tell the stories of the possibilities. Community Leader
They used to think of it as a classroom, now they think of it as drop-in education. Community Leader
Every city has an art museum, but ABQ has a balloon museum. Community Leader
You can't be rich and own a balloon. Community Leader
Non-traditional entrepreneurship fair, a place to be exceptional. City Official
How do we come to learn to be exceptional? What is the undefined ladder for success? City Official
The look of seniors is changing, we will be the most educated seniors in history. City Official
Working with this population is exciting and I'd like the world to know about it. City Official
Downtown is like that lover you keep giving attention to and keeps letting you down. Small business owner
ABQ is so far behind that we're already cool again. Small business owner
I hire artists as my staff because they give a shit about what they do. Small business owner